Trust in The Lord

This week’s picture and reflection is based around one of Hannah’s favourite verses from Proverbs 3:5“Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” – the words of Solomon.

When we hear real ‘wisdom’ like this it stays with us. There are words that have been spoken to us that we never forget. This is a verse that has stayed with Hannah from when she first heard it. It pulls us away from the desperation of trying to fix everything ourselves and instead gently encourages us to back to a child like trust in our Heavenly Father who knows all and sees all.

As we reflect on these words together this week we hope you find the following questions thought-provoking:

  • What words of wisdom can you recall hearing or reading?
  • What are you trying fix or find an answer to at the moment?
  • How can the words from this verse help you pray?

Try sketching and/or journalling your own thoughts inspired by this verse.

We would love to you to share with us what you come up with.

Ben and Hannah

Hannah Dunnett Trust in The Lord Thought for the week closeup image
Hannah Dunnett Trust in The Lord Thought for the week image

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