Shop for Christian Books designed by Hannah Dunnett featuring her exquisite designs interwoven with biblical verses and texts.

Christian Books

Christian Books

Our beautifully illustrated Christian Books are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day – featuring Hannah’s distinctive hand-painted designs accompanied by favourite hymns, verses and scripture.

Our beautiful religious books have a traditional theme to them. They feature original artwork hand-painted in pretty pastel colours by Hannah Dunnett. Many are inspired by the beauty of nature – fanciful landscapes, rolling hills, trees with branches stretching towards the sky.

There are many events in the Church calendar when the personal nature of giving a book as a gift becomes an instant blessing. There are significant moments in the Christian life such as first communion, marriage or ordinations where a Christian Book would be a welcome gift.

As Christians our faith is so integral to everything we do in life – so it is wonderful to be able to read religious words that reflect our beliefs. We offer the NIV Journaling Bible which comes with thirty-two pages of beautiful illustrations to inspire you. It is perfect to reflect and journal creatively in the presence of God. The blank margins allow for plenty of room to write notes or drawings, allowing you to express yourself as you read. We also offer a Hannah's first Christian Children's book called Tabitha and a More than Words book, featuring twenty-four of Hannah's favourite pictures.

Where celebration is in order our publications are a reminder of God’s awe-inspiring support and unending love – when times are difficult they offer words of encouragement and support. Each book comes with the option of an unsigned version or signed version by Hannah Dunnet.