Christian bookmarks featuring the exquisite illustrations of Hannah Dunnett intertwined with Bible verses and religious texts.

Christian Bookmarks

Christian Bookmarks

Bible study is perhaps one of the most enlightening and inspiring daily practices for devoted Christians. You can change your whole day with just one verse, a proverb or even a line of wisdom from your favourite scripture. Whatever you’re going through, the Bible is always there to support, guide and motivate you.

A scriptural bookmark is a must-have stationery item for any reader. They are usually made of thin material, allowing readers to place them into their book at the page they left. It means they can return to the book immediately on the same page, without having the frustration of flicking through the book trying to find it! A Christian marker will particularly suit any religious book.

Our lovely bible book markers offer encouragement, wisdom and inspiration in times of need. The markers each feature gorgeous unique designs taken from hand-painted watercolours by Hannah Dunnett. Alongside the beautiful artwork sit sweeping scrolls of favourite scripture, hymns, psalms and verse. Each excerpt is chosen by us individually for its special sentiment and meaning.

Christian artist Hannah Dunnett expresses the strength of her faith through the beauty of her artwork. Her bright, bold designs depict idyllic scenes from nature, salty seascapes and pretty pastel birds and flowers.

Our double-sided bookmarks for books are made from high-quality paper, with eleven different designs to choose from including The Love Of Christ, Trust In God, The Lord Is Faithful and Great Delight. The markers are divine.

But our Christian page markers aren’t just for the purpose of Bible study. Bookmarking your place using these lovely placeholders placed in Bibles and religious books – but they are also suitable for school books, poetry, journals and diaries. They also make perfect gifts for loved ones all year round – and are fantastic stocking fillers come Christmas time!

Shop our beautiful bookmark collection now. Choose your favourite or collect them all – they are available in singles and multipacks. These unique Pious bookmarks also make lovely gifts. You can find matching items available across our stationery collections.