Christian music – We have 8 albums for you to listen to and enjoy – we hope you like what you hear!!. If you do, then you can buy individual CD’s or packs of 3. Happy listening!

Christian Music

Christian Music

Art is our way of expressing our faith – our combined love of God and passion for sharing the teachings of the Bible is most emphatically communicated through song. Music is a way of expressing yourself, and what better way of sharing the Christian faith and beliefs through tuneful melodies.

Just as Hannah infuses her beautiful artwork with the words and teachings of the Bible, Director of Worship Ben Dunnett is a talented musician, allowing his faith to flow through each note and verse. Ben plays piano and guitar – for a while he was a music teacher and examiner at a local high school. His debut piano album featuring a suite of short original pieces inspired by his life experiences was released in 2010.

Together the couple have created a variety of wonderful albums for all ages, compiling music they have composed themselves. Here amongst our collection of original Christian music you’ll find something for everyone. We have six CD albums to choose from – including classical music, piano music, kid’s music and Christmas songs. Worship albums ‘Here At Your Cross Once More’ and ‘No Golden Crown’ feature well-loved tracks specifically created to celebrate and revel in the glory of God. Many of these songs have become popular in their own right amongst our following of fans.

For kids ‘Jumping Jelly Beans’ and ‘Topsy Turvy’ – a playful selection of singalong songs suitable for the whole family. For adults the soothing tones of Ben’s stunning piano pieces and the uplifting religious tracks are enchanting – for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Our music is available in CD format, with sheet music, backing tracks and lyrics also available. They make wonderful gifts and are great additions to churches, Sunday Schools and community centres. CDs are available in singular format and packs of three.

You can also enjoy samples of our Christian music via links to YouTube and free downloads section.