Shop our Christian kids’ collections – items for children featuring the exquisite artwork of Hannah Dunnett embellished with religious texts, bible verses, hymns & psalms!

Christian Kids

Christian Kids

Our lovely Christian kids’ collections have been carefully curated with young people in mind. Our delightful original designs perfectly marry the beauty of art with the power of the Christian faith.

It’s so important for kids to have fun and playful reminders of their faith surrounding them in daily life. This is how the strength of love and understanding grows – through knowing that God is always near us, forever guiding us and supporting us. Our children's collection includes a variety of toys, books, stationery, music and more – ideal for children of all ages.

We are passionate about expressing faith through creativity – celebrating the joy of Christianity through the medium of the arts. Many of our products are simple and traditional, yet quirky – a return to times gone by when writing, drawing, colouring and singing were key activities for little ones.

Artist Hannah Dunnett’s playful designs are simply perfect for young people. She beautifully captures everyday life in swathes of bright colour, focusing on nature, home, holidays and the ocean. Pretty flowers, bobbing boats, animals and nature – there’s something for everyone.

We’ve created a variety of lovely, original products specifically for kids. Many of the unique items we offer also make fantastic gifts for children of all ages. Hannah weaves hand-selected extracts from the Bible and favourite hymns through her stunning artwork, offering inspiration and gentle introduction to scripture and verse.

Here in the Christian children's collection at Ben and Hannah Dunnett you’ll find games, stationery, gifts and more. All feature beautiful artwork from Hannah Dunnett, accompanied by sweet religious sentiments to inspire and support young minds as they grow. Our creations for the younger generation also make brilliant gifts and are great for Sunday Schools, Kids Church and Youth Clubs.