Tea Towels

Shop for Christian tea towels featuring the artwork of Hannah Dunnett intertwines with religious texts and bible verses!

Christian Towels

Christian Towels

‘By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established;’ – Proverbs 24:3 ESV

Everyday tasks can serve as simple reminders of the power of our faith, thanks to our gorgeous religious tea towels. They are an essential accessory in the kitchen and help to keep things clean and organised in the main room of the house.

Our faith is ever-present, guiding and supporting us, but through creativity we can fully express our love of God and the comfort and consolation his love brings to us each day. Hannah Dunnett’s unique style embodies her Christian faith, infused with inspiring sentiments hand-picked from favourite scripture, bible verses and hymns. She delicately designs each artwork in vibrant watercolour, immortalising pretty pastel scenes in her own unique way. Her stunning original artwork is inspired by faith and accompanied by carefully chosen excerpts from favourite hymns, verse and scripture.

There’s something therapeutic about keeping the house in order, cleaning and tidying – and choosing aesthetically pleasing accessories can brighten up these mundane tasks considerably. Tea cloths are also a fantastic way to add a vibrant pop of pleasant colour to the kitchen.

Adorned with subtle sentiments, each of our luxury tea towels is lovingly made from heavyweight 8oz cotton for durability and maximum absorption, delicately hemmed on four sides. Our tea towels have been specially designed to keep pots and pans nice and dry – and are easy clean for extra ease. Completely unique, beautifully designed – these everyday essentials look lovely in any home environment.

Buy our Christian inspired tea towels for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. Ideal for Sunday Schools, church halls and community centres.