These beautiful A5 spiral bound notebooks are perfect for note taking, sketching or journalling.
Each one contains 120 plain pages.

Christian Notebooks

Christian Notebooks

As the pace of modern life continually quickens and gets busier than ever before, taking time out to make notes and document our thoughts and feelings has never been more important. People use Religious workbooks for work and play.

A notebook is also known as a notepad or a writing pad. It is a book of paper, which is usually lined, allowing users to jot notes, draw or write useful information. They are a handy tool for anyone to carry around, especially so because they are portable. Christian books give you a personalised pad that will mean something special for you.

Whether you’re making plans, setting intentions or recording thoughts and prayers, do it in style with one of our lovely Christian books and notepads. Each features one of Hannah’s unique watercolour paintings, with designs depicting whimsical scenes, familiar favourites from everyday life and the beauty of nature. These are embellished with religious text, prayers and bible verses.

Hannah is simultaneously inspired by both the beauty of her surroundings and the strength of her faith. Each design features an excerpt from favourite hymns, verses and scripture, carefully selected by Hannah herself. Often we can forget that God is present in every facet of our lives, however small they may be – and our gorgeous workbooks offer an opportunity to remember his love and give thanks while taking care of everyday tasks.

Our religious Notebook collection comprises of chunky, A5 spiralbound exercise book with sixteen gorgeous designs to choose from. Each contains 120 blank, crisp white pages. The pads feature some of our most popular designs, such as Under His Wings, The Gardener, The Lord is My Strength and Light of the World. You could even collect them all over time!

A trusty exercise book is one of life’s essentials, and these all-purpose scriptural notebooks are ideal for all ages. Their versatility lends itself perfectly to all applications – whether you’re making shopping lists, putting together exciting plans or simply jotting down thoughts for the day. The absence of lines means you can also use them to sketch, journal and doodle. Suitable for all ages, these lovely Christian notebooks also make perfect gifts. Matching items are available across other collections.