Hymns Art Prints. Choose from a variety of sizes and framing options. All our frames are made from solid wood and come in white or oak.

Hymns Art Prints

Hymns Art Prints

Hymns are of course incredibly special to Christians and form an integral part of our faith. They were first sung at the time of Christ, with spiritual songs recorded in some of the earliest pages of the Bible. These beautifully soulful songs enable us to praise and worship God with a feeling of immense joy, elation and connection. They are specifically composed with worship in mind, the perfection of prayer embodied in song. Indeed the word ‘Hymn’ is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘hymnos’, which means ‘a song of praise’.

Ben and Hannah Dunnett have much appreciation for the amalgamation of music and art within faith – since they themselves have created a passionate business based on the very same principle. As an artist, Hannah constantly draws upon the inspiration of God’s love and our beautiful earth. Throughout her work you can clearly see the strong influence of her faith, winding through the rolling hills and quaint country lanes, riding on the waves of scenic oceans and permeating the pretty homes and gardens.

Our collection of Hymn Art Prints feature stunning hand-painted artwork by Hannah Dunnett. The beauty of the arty designs matches the beauty of the words in the Hymns. Various shapes and sizes are available – so there’s something to suit every space within the home, and can be suitably displayed in every room of the house. The gentle and captivating style of Hannah’s watercolours make them enchanting for adults and children alike. They also make great gifts for loved ones who may be moving house or require inspiration and spiritual support at a joyous or difficult time.

Our prints featuring hymns are available framed and unframed. Our frames are all made from solid wood, available in painted white or natural oak finish.