Christian Retirement Cards – designed by Hannah Dunnett. A5 with a blank inside for your own personal message. All cards come with a white envelope.

Christian Retirement Cards

Christian Retirement Cards

Retirement is often seen as a ‘finish line’, the end of the road for our working lives. But as one chapter comes to an end, another begins! This is a time for celebration and excitement, for future plans and fresh starts. What better way to celebrate and express our faith than with a beautiful, unique religious Retirement card.

Although retirement is often positive, the transition from working every day to having so much free time can be challenging. Help them start their retirement on a happy foot with our wide selection of retirement cards online to choose from.

This is an opportunity to offer well wishes but also remind loved ones that you’ll be there to support them and encourage them through this transition period. It’s also a reminder of God’s love, support and guidance which surrounds us at all times. Retirement offers many people a second chance, an opportunity to do the things they always wanted to do – start a new hobby, travel, spend more time with family and friends. This is a wonderful blessing. As the person reflects back on life they can also look forward to the magic and excitement of new beginnings.

Our Christian retirement cards offer the perfect way to express well wishes, excitement and support for colleagues, friends and family as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives. Beautifully illustrated by Hannah Dunnett, each card features an original watercolour design adorned with thoughtfully selected favourite scripture and verse. Our unique designs are spirited and thought-provoking, adorned with gorgeous brightly-coloured scenes.

We leave each card blank inside for you to add your own special message of encouragement and blessing. Shop the collection now – cards are available in singles and multi-packs.