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Week One Creating A Prayer Tree

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Planning A Prayer Tree

The first creative task I am going to share with you is to create a prayer tree.
This could be with paints, pens or pencils or even done as a collage.
The overall idea is to create the shape of a tree, including within it the names of the people or communities you are wanting to prayer for.

In order to create the tree there are a few questions we need to consider:

  • Will the tree be tall and thin, short and wide or round?
  • Will it be full of leaves or bare or blossoming? Is it evergreen?
  • Can we break up the tree into sections following its natural shape or curves?
  • Where do we want to add the words and then add the decoration or patterning in the spaces around them?

Getting Started

Having thought about these questions, I have created some examples below showing a few different ways you might achieve this.
Each example has a template that you can download and print off to use if you would like to.

Example 1 – A Painted Prayer Tree

This technique shows how you might paint a tree in blossom or a tree in full leaf:

Prayer Tree Painted Example

In this example, I started by sketching out the trunk and the branches of the tree. On the right hand side of the tree I kept the branches quite simple to leave room for the lush greenery of the tree. I then drew a curvy outline for the tree and separated the greenery into different sections.
I then painted each of those sections a different shade of green.
I chose the names of people I wanted to pray for and have painted them into different sections of the tree. I was careful to choose text colours which contrast with the background colours.
In between the name sections I added detail and extra decoration.

On the left hand side I have started to design a tree which is in blossom.
Here I have made the branches more intricate to give plenty of space to add names and blossom.

I hope you are inspired by these painted design ideas.
I have provided simple outline templates for both of these ideas for you to use as a starting point should you wish to.
You could either colour them in or trace over the design.

Click on the links below to download the Templates:

Hannah Dunnett Prayer Tree Template 1

Hannah Dunnett Prayer Tree Template 2

Example 2 – A Collage Prayer Tree

This shows how you might create a prayer tree as a collage.
I created this one with my daughter.
She really enjoyed the painting, tearing and sticking as well as thinking of people to write into the leaves.
We began by painting 3 sheets of paper with stripes of different colours, focusing on greens, reds and browns:

Prayer Tree Collage painting strips

We then took the brown painted paper and tore it into strips.
On a fresh white piece of paper we started to stick the strips of brown paper onto the background to create a trunk and branches:

Prayer Tree Collage tearing strips

Prayer Tree Collage trunk and branches

We then tore up the reds and greens to create leaves. These were all different shapes and sizes.
We wrote the names of the people we wanted to pray for on the leaves and stuck them in the gaps between the branches.

Hannah Dunnett Prayer Tree Collage design

This is a great activity for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. It can also be done as a group activity.

Create Your Own Prayer Tree

I hope you have fun thinking about this task and trying it out.
Do please share your ideas and designs with us.
You can connect with us via our website, Facebook, Instagram or by emailing us.

We would love to hear from you and see anything you have created.