Writing Sets

Christian Writing Sets – featuring the exquisite illustrations of Hannah intertwined with religious texts from the Bible!

    Christian Writing Sets

    Christian Writing Sets

    Whatever you wish to say, say it in style – with our gorgeous religious Writing Sets. We communicate with each other more than we ever have done before, however, emails will never have the same personal touch as a written letter.

    Putting pen to paper is an incredibly cathartic and soothing process. The lost art of writing letters is still coveted by a select few, who love to communicate via the tools of bygone eras in favour of texts and emails. It’s lovely to receive handwritten news and expressions of appreciation, love – to know someone is thinking of you. Compose special, heartfelt messages of encouragement and love for family and friends. Perfect when you need a little more space than a card to express your thoughts and feelings.

    Our beautiful Writing Sets feature watercolour designs painted by Hannah Dunnett – who expresses her love for God and her passion for her faith through the medium of art. Her whimsical, playful designs are guaranteed to spark a smile – depicting quaint cottages, picturesque panoramas, bright little birds and floating flowers. Each design is adorned with simple, sweet sentiments chosen carefully from favourite scripture and verse.

    Each time you send a heartfelt, hand-written letter these gorgeous designs can accompany and compliment your message perfectly.

    We have three stunning Writing Set designs to choose from – He Cares For You, He Will Rejoice Over You and The Lord Is Near. Each set includes gorgeous matching stationery, including ten sheets of heavyweight textured writing paper, ten premium envelopes and ten sticker seals. Versatile and stylish, they are suitable for all ages and make great gifts. Shop our lovely collection of Christian writing pads now – matching items and stationery are also available across our website.