Cross Stitch

Christian Cross Stitch

Our beautifully illustrated Christian cross-stitch designs are sure to brighten anyone’s day and stimulate any sewer's mind. The artwork includes Hannah’s distinctive hand-painted designs accompanied by favourite hymns, verses and scripture. Cross-stitch is a popular form of sewing on fabrics including linen and mixed-content fabrics such as Aida and Evenweave. More specifically, cross-stitching is a counted-thread embroidery type of sewing. Cross stitch sewers will undertake x-shaped sticthes in a raster-like, tiled pattern to form a design or picture. Our cross stitch patterns come in a range of religious designs, each with differing levels of difficulty to maximise satisfaction when the design is complete.

Cross stitch is known all over the world and is the oldest style of embroidery. It dates back to the middle ages and was traditionally used to embellish every day linens that could be found in the home, such as tablecloths and dishcloths. The art of cross stitching has become increasingly popular, especially with the younger generation. Both knitting and cross-stitching are popular hobbies with retirees and the younger generation alike.

As Christians, our faith is important to everything we undertake in life. We all lead busy lifestyles so any chance to slow down, reflect and be mindful of the moment should be cherished. When you begin a new cross stitch project, it is wonderful knowing the challenge ahead will give a calming opportunity to reflect on our beliefs with God’s love and message in mind. The time spent preparing the fabric, threading the needle, making individual cross stitches and ending the thread is one of life’s simple pleasures. It's a therapeutic and soul-nourishing process, with the end reward of a glorious religious design. Each artwork features bible verse cross stitch and Christian cross stitch patterns to comfort and inspire.

Completed cross stitch patterns can be given as gifts to express gratitude to a loved one, bringing brightness into their lives. This is one of life’s simple pleasures and is fitting with Christian beliefs.

Our Christian cross stitch kits and intricate cross-stitch patterns are suitable for the expert and novice alike. The beautiful illustrations and uplifting sentiments are designed to share love and blessings without the need for additional words.